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Attention Students

Remember to receive permission from a trusted adult before using the Internet.

Attention Parents

Adult supervision is recommended when children are using the Internet.

Typing Club


1st - 6th

To Get Started with typing Club

NMUSD Typing Club logo

Go to the NMUSD Typing Club Website

Username:  6-digit Student ID
Password:   District Generated

Same username and password used at school.

WPM Goals

Grade 1 - 15 WPM

Grade 2 - 20 WPM

Grade 3 - 25 WPM

Grade 4 - 30 WPM

Grade 5 - 35 WPM

Grade 6 - 40 WPM

All grades - 85% Accuracy

Lesson Requirements

You must receive a minimum of three stars or a green checkmark to move onto the next lesson!

Home Row Keys

Keyboard with fingers on home row keys

Proper Finger Placement

Shows proper finger placement on a computer keyboard

Remember to always use proper finger placement!