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Please visit the NMUSD Volunteer Webpage for additional information.

NMUSD recently announced that a process has been developed to begin allowing approved volunteers on school campuses.  With this recent news, our team began thinking about our current needs and the potential role volunteers might play in helping us meet these needs.  Our district’s goal is to remain open for in-person instruction for the entire school year.  Several health and safety measures remain in place to support this effort.  California Elementary obviously shares this goal.  We value the involvement of our parent community, and our staff and students most certainly benefit from it.  Our recent Cougar Cup Golf Tournament is a great example of the mutual benefits of this kind of partnership.  At the same time, staff and student safety remains a top priority.  Therefore, we will be both thoughtful and strategic about bringing volunteers onto our campus.  

The California PTA and California School Education Foundation (CSEF) sponsor many  initiatives and events throughout the year that rely on the support of parent volunteers.  If you are interested in supporting either of these parent groups, please contact Melissa Verostek, PTA President at and/or Jeremy Vidales and Jessica Perry, CSEF Presidents at  All PTA and CSEF volunteers conducting any work here on campus will be required to first apply through the Raptor system.  Additionally, only fully-vaccinated individuals will be approved to volunteer on our site.  However, not all PTA and CSEF business occurs on campus, so please contact Melissa, Jeremy, and Jessica directly for more information.  If it is determined that your volunteer work must be done here on site, please contact Karina Madrigal at for help navigating the approval process.

If we identify additional volunteer opportunities, our team will reach out to our parent community directly.  Until then, please know that we both recognize and appreciate the myriad ways parents are already supporting California Elementary.  It’s noticed.  It’s valued.  It makes a huge difference.