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Parking Lot Procedures

Arrival Procedures (All Grades)

Arrival Procedures Map  Grades K-6

  1. Pull forward (limit gaps). At 7:45 AM, promptly unload, only beyond crosswalk. 
  2. Swift passenger exit (shoes tied, backpacks in hand, etc.). Unload from passenger side only.
  3. Help us keep our car line moving! Thank you!
Dismissal Procedures (Kinder)

Dismissal Procedures Map  TK Kinder

Kinder Car Line Procedures

  1. Please pull forward (limit gaps). Staff will escort students to you; please remain in your vehicle.
  2. If you also have a child in grades 1-6, please continue pulling forward and remain in your vehicle.

Kinder Walk-Up Procedures

  • Parents may walk to exit gates.
  • Park only in our parking stalls.
  • Keep gate/exit area clear.
  • Staff will release students directly to parents/guardians.
Dismissal Procedures (Grades 1-6)


  • Please do not enter our car line until 2:15 PM or later.
  • Students in 1st through 6th grade are dismissed at 2:20 PM. Those who walk or ride bikes home will exit through the central gate and proceed off campus.

  • Primary Car Line, Front of School (Grades 1-3)
    Students in grades 1-3 who are picked up by car will exit through our central gate at 2:20 PM. 

  • Upper Grade Car Line (Grades 4-6)
    Students in grades 4-6 who are picked up by car will exit through our rear gate (back of campus, near solar panels) at 2:20 PM.