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Running Club

January - November 2020

This is a 10-week training program (2.5 miles per week) that culminates with the last mile run at the "Kids Run the OC" (KROC), equaling 26 miles total. The Kids Run the OC event for 2020 has been cancelled. 


Every runner should still have his/her Running Club folder. Please continue where we left off and plan out your own training on the days we were supposed to meet. Please remember that weekly extra miles and nutrition challenges were embedded in the program to provide for a safe and healthy training plan. Runners should complete at least 12 weeks of running, or similar activities, before the virtual race on or before November 27th. That will give us 13 weeks before Thanksgiving to adequately complete the requirements listed in the folder. The virtual race mile can be completed anywhere, and can even be part of a Turkey Trot.

Upcoming Event

Awards Ceremony & Ice Cream Party
(Date yet to be determined)