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Collect Used Alkaline Batteries and Win Money for California Elementary - Battery Recycling Contest Ends April 5, 2019
Posted 11/25/18

Alkaline Battery Recycling Program Flyer
Battery Recycling Contest

Collect used batteries and win money for our school!

1st Place: $1,200

2nd Place:  $1,000

3rd Place: $800

Over 1,000 lbs: $500

500 to 999 lbs: $350

100 to 499 lbs: $200

Under 50 lbs: $100


Acceptable battery types include:

N (LR1)     AAAA     AAA     AA     C     D     9 Volt

* 9-volt batteries must have taped terminals or be kept in plastic bags (1 per bag) to prevent fire hazards.


Last year, California Elementary came in 3rd place and won $400.
This year let's set our eyes on the 1st place prize of $1,200.
We will also have a fun prize for the top two classes that collect the most batteries.

Please bring in your old alkaline batteries to your classroom
to be collected and recycled. 


Sponsored by the Costa Mesa Sanitary District.